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❁ models and fashion ❁

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High Waist Bottoms
Psst…have you heard the nineties have made a huge comeback, and that can only mean one thing high waisted bottoms are back. High waisted anything is my favorite because it makes your waist the focus of any outfit. There are many styles to choose from when you want to show off your waist like shorts, jeans, or skirts. Here are a few tips to execute the high waist trend.
The most important thing to keep in mind when wearing this trend is tucking in long shirts. I prefer the slouch tuck. If you want a cleaner look than tuck it I all the way, for it will look nice and smooth.
Bodysuits are perfect for high waist pants. Since a bodysuit clings to your body, and high waist bottoms normally cling to your body as well, then your outfit will look really smooth and neat. This pair is very form fitting, and shows off your curves.
Since you are already channeling your inner nineties why not pair your high waist bottoms with a flirty crop top. The crop top stops just before it meet the top of your high waist bottoms, which allows you to show a little skin, but nothing too cheeky.
If a crop top is too modest for you, try a bralet. A bralet is usually tighter than a crop top and usually shorter. A bralet is just above your cute little belly button. Also, a bralet is commonly found in a vintage lace. I think a bralet is best paired with high waisted shorts, instead of full length jeans.
Oversized sweaters or jumpers are a popular choice, when wearing a crop top or bralet with high waist bottoms. Dark green, burgundy, black, and white jumpers, in my opinion, look the best. For a bohemian touch wear a kimono, with a flower crown.
Chunky nineties sandals and boots are perfect for high waist bottoms. It only makes since to pair these two together since they were both poplar trends doing the same decade. Pair your chunky sandals with frilly socks and a pastel crop top and you are ready to go out on the town. Also, if you are wearing full length jeans roll them up to the ankle; it looks so cute.
A belt is a simple accessory to help you execute the high waist trend. The belt not only makes your waist the focus of your outfit, but also makes your waist appear smaller. Vintage leather belts are a perfect choice.
It takes confidence to pull off this comeback trend, and with that confidence you are sure to execute high waist bottoms like you were wearing them since the nineties. 
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I Want The Airwaves (by Nadia D.)